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WIRDOW Sublimes Heartbreak in "Foudre"

The enigmatic and evocative French artist WIRDOW is back with his latest single, “Foudre”, now available on all streaming platforms. "Foudre" is a poignant ballad about unrequited love, where WIRDOW transforms his heartache into an orchestral masterpiece that blends melancholy, poetry, and romance.

I would describe this song as the aftermath of an angel’s fall. Once on the ground, the angel struggles to accept that the dreamt paradise, from which he has been exiled, was merely an illusion. The lightning in this song is a metaphor for love at first sight, illustrating the difficulty of forgetting a lover and opening one’s heart to another because lightning never strikes the same place twice,” explains WIRDOW.

WIRDOW, an author, composer, and performer, has crafted a unique stage name by blending the words "Widow" and "Weirdo". Through his original melodies and his suave, captivating voice, WIRDOW explores a universe that is both pop and dark. His music intertwines melancholy, despair, and seduction, creating a torrent of emotions that define him as a tortured and unconventional artist.

With “Foudre”, WIRDOW once again showcases his ability to sublimate his emotions into music, offering listeners a deeply moving and poetic experience. The accompanying music video enhances the song’s ethereal and haunting quality, inviting viewers into WIRDOW's unique world.

Watch the music video for “Foudre” below:


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