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World Goes Round Release Revolutionary Single ‘Rebel Heart’

When it comes to a band coined the ‘supergroup that never was,’ you’d expect nothing less than greatness when it comes to releasing singles. Well, World Goes Round who’ve been coined just that, never fail to deliver utter genius with their hits. Their latest single ‘Rebel Heart’ is oozing the electric energy of the eighties that cement World Goes Round in the realm of the stars. Having met as professional songwriters back in the ‘80s, Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull grew frustrated with writing hits penning songs for other musicians. Instead, they wanted to share their truth and allow lyrical freedom to reign in their sessions. So, together they created an album running rich with undeniable bangers and political truths at its core. I mean, coming from songwriters who have worked with the likes of Chaka Khan, Queen, Dolly Parton and Quincy Jones, you can imagine the sensational songs that poured out. Flash forward thirty years later and the treasure chest of tracks is finally released into the world - and we couldn’t be more grateful.

‘Rebel Heart’ is one of these musical gems hitting our playlists on the 22nd of January. Boasting all the brilliance of electric, eighties energy, ‘Rebel Heart’ is the politically inclined hit cementing World Goes Round’s place amongst the greats. At its core, ‘Rebel Heart’ is reminding us of the unwavering truth that being true to yourself is all you can do and no matter which way the political winds blow, you can stand firmly with your ‘rebel heart’.

“Don't judge someone by who you think they are. Appearances can be deceiving. You might find they have a rebel heart just like you. Be the change that you want to see and believe that eventually, it will happen. And it surely will,” World Goes Round says on the track.

Frank Musker and Elizabeth Lamer’s vibrant vocals speak on this total truth as Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull sculpt a soundscape swimming in striking synths and a drum line that at least will have your feet tapping before you know it. Showcasing the phenomenal range and performance power of these two vocalists, ‘Rebel Heart’ is the innately infectious track scoring our daily soundtracks from the 22nd of January. As we ease into the new year with tentative steps, it’s high time for World Goes Round to gain the recognition they’ve deserved since the ‘80s as they remind us that no matter the societal circumstance if you stay true to your rebel heart, you can’t go wrong.

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