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Introducing Yung Goony

Upcoming artist Yung Goony has just dropped his new single 'Really' and is set to release an EP later this year. The artist is currently hard at work in the studio. Let's delve into his latest track and get to know this artist a little more.

'Really' is a sleek hip-hop track tinged with darkness. It is a candid and intimate portrait into the artist's life and journey so far. There's an eerie woodwind sound we here (a flute perhaps), drawing the listener closer, into the world of the artist. 808s keep our heads bopping throughout, as beautiful plucked strings lift our spirits. There are luscious layers of synth too throughout the song.

Goony was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Detroit, Michigan aka the “City of Soul”, which helped inspire his love for music. At a young age, he began to travel due to his parent's career. Living all over the United States, Goony was exposed to all sorts of music styles which molded him to be the artist he is today. Goony began his music career at age 21 and is completely self-taught. He began working on music professionally in an LA studio, where he met some people from his hometown Detroit, Michigan. He was introduced to a producer whose work birthed Goony’s first studio song “Too Playa.” Goony continues to devote his time and attention to his passion for music and is currently working on an upcoming E.P set to be released this year. For now, go stream 'Really!'

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