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Australian artist Harry Nathan unveils new EP titled 'Cosmic Perspective'

Australian musician Harry Nathan has recently released two outstanding singles, 'Understanding' and 'So Real', with the promise of an upcoming EP. The EP, called "Cosmic Perspective" featuring four tracks that combine late-night, lo-fi house music with psychedelic influences and captivating rhythms was released on March 23rd.

According to Harry, he began writing the EP while staying on a friend's farm in Byron Bay, where he was able to learn more about Indigenous Australian culture. The EP incorporates recordings of the local wildlife and live didgeridoo performances, which can be heard on the previously unreleased tracks 'Still Wrong' and 'Cosmic Perspective'. This EP is perfect for music lovers who appreciate sophisticated house music with cosmic vibes.

Harry Nathan shares: “I wrote this EP whilst staying on a friend’s farm for the summer in Byron Bay Hinterland. I was blessed to be able to connect with the land and through my friends deepen my knowledge of our Indigenous Australian culture. Hidden amongst the EP are recordings of birds and wildlife, live didgeridoo, and conversations with my friends. I wanted to keep the lyrics sparse and poignant, to allow the sonic landscape to tell most of the story”.


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