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Christine Tarquinio Unveils Heartfelt Single 'You and Me' as a Prelude to EP Release 'Silhouette'

Melbourne-based pop singer-songwriter, Christine Tarquinio just returned with a new single, "You and Me", released on June 23rd, 2023. As a captivating prelude to her highly anticipated EP, 'Silhouette' slated for release in July 2023, the song beautifully captures the emotions and challenges faced during the COVID-19 lockdowns. With its inspiring lyrics and captivating music, "You and Me" urges listeners to embrace hope, unity, and optimism for a better future.

During the long hours spent in lockdown, Christine Tarquinio found solace in crafting her heartfelt single, "You and Me". Reflecting on the theme of longing for freedom and a return to normalcy, she effortlessly translated her emotions into soulful lyrics that will surely resonate with everyone. The song's melody and chords emerged organically, guided by Tarquinio's skilled guitar playing, and the lyrics fell into place as a poignant testament to the longing for a brighter tomorrow.

Produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne, "You and Me" opens with nostalgic reverberating electric guitars that quickly evolve into pulsating and percussive rhythms. This musical backdrop perfectly complements Tarquinio's poetic narrative, creating a powerful and captivating experience for listeners. To add a personal touch, Tarquinio collaborated with her husband of 20 years and their two beautiful children to create a playful and nostalgic music video that accompanies the single.

Tarquinio draws significant inspiration from her role as a mother, which finds its way into her music. As she navigates her own path through life, she strives to set an example for her children, teaching them resilience, passion, and the pursuit of dreams. Her deep love for her family and the desire to create a better world for them permeate her music, making it relatable and touching to a broad audience.

Experience the enchanting soundscapes and uplifting lyrics of Christine Tarquinio as she takes you on a captivating musical journey. With her ability to evoke emotions and connect through shared experiences, Tarquinio's music resonates deeply with listeners. Keep an eye out for her highly anticipated EP, 'Silhouette', and witness the continued inspiration and delight she brings to the world through her artistry.

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