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Conner Eko Experiments with Emotional Holiday Track with New Single 'Christmas Morning Goodbye'

It's that time of year where Christmas music is all around us, with seasonal classics that radiate cheer and joy on repeat. Indie-pop artist Conner Eko wanted to challenge the norm of Christmas releases with his new emotional track 'Christmas Morning Goodbye'. With interpretive lyrics, the track is made for those who are feeling reflective this time of year, Eko explains:

"The song can be about a complete breakup between lovers, or them just moving past and healing from deep unclosed wounds. It is about personal and interpersonal forgiveness and the solace that can come from being honest and real about the fact that things are never perfect and that is okay, if we are brave to omit our own faults, and confront them and each other with an open heart. Although extremely challenging, this act can allow parties involved to open up new doors and close the one with all their problems ("a gift")."

Check out the music video for 'Christmas Morning Goodbye'


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