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'Couples Therapy': Evocative New Single from Baltimore Duo Underlined Passages

After nearly four years away, Underlined Passages is releasing their new record, Neon Inoculation as a series of singles culminating in a full-length late in 2021. The first single from this will be 'Couples Therapy'; a memorable and very moreish track that oozes emotion from the first bar. We take a closer listen ahead of release day on 10th September...

The soothing lead vocals of 'Couples Therapy' are highly reflective and are sure to relate to people from all walks of life. There are traces of the more sentimental Blink 182 tracks, with great melodies and emotive sus chords beautifully played on guitar.

It has been a long and hard journey back to music for this Baltimore duo. Comprising of Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor, the band spent the two years between 2015-2017 growing their following and building a reputation within the music world.

This latest offering is a song tinged with nostalgia as the speaker sings 'Let it rain down'. The theme is centred around coping with emotional wreckage. As the band explains, "it is an exploration of an intimate relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects what many went through and still feel today." The song was recorded by Frank Marchand (Sugar, The Thermals) and mastered by Alex Wharton (Teenage Fanclub, Radiohead) at Abbey Road Studios.

This single is heavy with feel. The fusion of luscious layers of guitar, rock percussion and vocal arrangement is entrancing from start to finish. We adore the artwork for this single too; it's an abstract depiction of a woman's face with a mesh of blue and orange hues. Underlined Passages hope to show that they are a powerful force in the music industry, despite it being over-saturated. We are sure their intensely emotional and ephemeral shade of alt-pop will cut through the noise.

'Couples Therapy' by Underlined Passages is due for release September 10, 2021 via Mint 400 Records. Make sure to pre-save it right here:



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