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Ed is Dead releases new single ‘Wolfram Alpha’

Ed is Dead, the award-winning label founder, producer, and DJ, has released his latest single titled 'Wolfram Alpha' on May 26, 2023, through his own Idioteque Records. Mixmag Caribbean has recognized him as one of the most exciting and versatile producers in Spain's underground music scene, creating diverse dance music with an eclectic mix of influences.

'Wolfram Alpha' is a departure from Ed is Dead's previous release, 'God Is Time', showcasing his versatility in the studio. The song takes a 180-degree turn and proves that the artist's creativity knows no bounds. The track is part of an album that aims to bring Ed is Dead's discography into the forefront of electronic music. The official visualizer for 'Wolfram Alpha' was created by digital artist Emilia Grima, adding a visually captivating element to the release.

Ed is Dead's musical journey has been marked by various accomplishments. His previous album, 'Your Last 48 Hours', was named the 2018 Electronic Album of the Year by Mondo Sonoro and his music has received support from renowned outlets like Mixmag Caribbean, DJ Mag España, and BBC Radio 1. He has also made appearances on notable platforms such as El País and La Resistencia, the largest late-night show in Spain.

Born and based in Madrid, Spain, Ed is Dead, also known as Edu Ostos, is not only a producer and DJ but also a prize-winning live performer and the co-owner of FBT studio in Madrid. His music combines influences from various genres, including Jungle, Hardstep/Drum & Bass, Electronica, IDM, Rock, Pop, and modern sounds. Comparisons can be drawn to artists like Bicep, Fred Again.., Ross from Friends, and Overmono. In addition to his music career, Ed is Dead has delved into the world of visual arts, as evidenced by the success of the official video for his song 'Time Is God,' which won the Best Experimental Short Film award at the South London Film Festival. He has also received recognition for his music videos from Moscow Shorts Film Festival and the MIN Independent Music Awards in Spain.

The single 'Wolfram Alpha' showcases Ed is Dead's signature style through a captivating combination of percussion, tonal flux, warm chords, moody vocals, and unique sonic elements. The track's glitched-out hits and arpeggiation create a surround sound experience, while the sustained bass adds depth and contrast.

Ed is Dead explains that the song's title refers to an online search engine called Wolfram Alpha, which generates answers to questions using a computational and natural language approach. The lyrics reflect a sentiment of resignation and a sense of being trapped, with the main voices, partly generated with AI virtual singers, uttering the line, "I don't fight it, but I don't see the sunlight.".

To support the release, Ed is Dead has announced several tour dates, including performances at a cultural event in Albania on July 7, the Cuerpo Romo Festival at Teatros del Canal in Madrid on September 16, and the Entropia Festival in Zaragoza, Spain, on September 29.


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