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Electronic Collective BLENDIN’ERA Unvails Infectious Debut Single ‘This Love’

'BLENDIN'ERA', a collaborative international collective of music producers and artists, debuts with their single 'This Love'. Conceived by Rick T. (DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, the collective brings together talents like SaDBoY and Laura Lopez (LauRAW), forming a global team in Germany dedicated to crafting captivating electronic music.

Their debut track 'This Love', featuring enigmatic singer/producer SaDBoY (founder of JungleStudios), showcases their commitment to high-quality production, boasting infectious beats and smooth vocals, ideal for the upcoming summer season. The music video enhances the experience with vivid visuals and cinematic cut scenes.

Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, SaDBoY has amassed a diverse musical background across R&B, pop, electro, soul, and experimental genres, earning recognition from notable brands like Nike and performing at New York Brooklyn Fashion Week in 2010.

Watch below:


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