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Ellie Grace Unveils Latest Single 'Better Off Alone'

Artist and songwriter Ellie Grace is no stranger to catchy melodies and earnest lyrics. Her music is a bit like an emotional rollercoaster ride, allowing the listener to experience a full range of emotions while also setting the bar higher with so much focus and passion.

I would highly recommend listening to Ellie if you are a fan of artists like Elle Goulding, Dua Lipa, and Olivia Rodrigo, only to mention but a few. There is a very inherent dream-like texture to Ellie’s sound, and what’s special about it is that it pervades every tiny detail, every single second of the music. In light of this, it is easy to see why Better Off Alone feels quite appealing and universally catchy, yet also so inspiring and unique.

Learn more about Ellie Grace’s music, and do not miss out on Better Off Alone, which is now available on the web. This track is incredibly catchy and personal, with a juxtaposition of lush reverb tones and melodic vocals with so much power and edge.

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