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Introducing Dejhare: Music as a canvas

Dejhare's vision is to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level. Believing in the power of music to unite and bring a voice to all of us, Dejhare loves the idea of using music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories and on which to share the happiness, the hopes and the frustrations of our shared humanity. Her latest release is the mesmerising EP 'Lovescape'...

Dejhare's new EP 'Lovescape' is centred around the unifying experience of love that encompasses such a wide range of emotions on its uncertain journey. There's the blissful beginnings, the honeymoon period, the mutual declaration of love, the pain of breakup, heartache. Our personal favourite track is 'Drawn To You' which speaks about the awe we feel towards the object of our desire; that special someone who we fall deeply in love with and hope to build a future with. The track features luscious vocals and gorgeous layers of sound design. We also love Track 4 'Like A Fool', which describes the frustration of a toxic one-sided relationship with someone who is holding you back. This song portrays the dark feeling of entrapment and incapacitation one feels in such a relationship, and the helplessness that grows from the desire but inability to walk away from the relationship despite knowing full well the harm of staying.

All in all, this EP is sure to feed your soul and your imagination, with its relatable and universal theme. Dejhare's voice is magnetic, and this EP is sure to stay with you...

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