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Joe Kane's New Single, IDGAF, Assures Listeners That Upcoming Album is Going to be Fire

Houston rapper Joe Kane is definitely on to something here. His new song, IDGAF, is the latest of three singles to be released in the build-up to his new album, Po$$um, that is due to come out on 18th July 2022.

What can we expect from the new album based on the three singles – IDGAF, Stuck in the Sky, and Mindz - we’ve been fed so far? Clever little sound effects that create an ominous, mysterious atmosphere that perfectly suit Kane’s voice. We can expect that, for sure. We can also expect memorable melodies that’ll have you bopping your head hours after you last listened to the songs. Don’t get me wrong though, IDGAF offers something else, taking the listener to a slightly different place as the other singles have done. The song’s intro would have you thinking that it’s the same as the other singles, but about 14 seconds into the track… Kane takes it up a notch. Whilst Stuck in the Sky and Mindz are quite slow and laid back in his rapping tempo, IDGAF shows that he’s not playing it safe; he’s not just doing the same thing in every track. The tempo of this track is much quicker, bringing a higher energy than Kane has done previously, yet retaining that mysterious edge that we’ve now grown to love, thanks to the musical sound effects in the background.

Having started in the 1980s, Joe Kane is a veteran of the rap game and truly a force to be reckoned with, and it’s clear to see that he puts a lot of thought into the intricate details of his music; ad-libs, when to slow down and speed up, what sort of sound effects to use and when. He’s doing a great job of mastering his craft, and I’m sure that his amazing collaborations with 2 Chainz, Coughee Brothaz, and Slim Thug will have helped him do this.

Listen to IDGAF here, and keep an eye out for the album release next month:

You can also find Kane on Instagram here:


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