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Louise Cappi Releases Insatiable Track "Keep That Dream Alive" From Album 'Hope'

She has also been a regular performer on the NYC music scene, Louise Cappi has received global rave reviews of her music. An internationally acclaimed New Orleans-based singer/songwriter, recording artist and entertainer, she is the daughter of the late great New York jazz guitarist, Al Cappi. Taken from her glorious LP 'Hope', Louise has now released insatiable new track 'Keep That Dream Alive'...

A sultry and soulful number with a distinct edge, this song is filled to the brim with style and flair. The moody edge is pretty damn infectious; as is that killer bassline! We love the cheeky vibe to this too; with its lively percussive elements and uplifting vocal melodies. The backing vocals provide a rich and warm ocean of sonic texture, as does the wonky synth and rock guitar that each play their own part in the varied musical landscape of the song. Each has a role to play, and we hear true musical greatness at work. Music clearly flows through Louise's veins, as her voice is so effortless and powerful at the same time. Couple that with great songwriting and a flair for lyric-writing, and you have a gem-of-a-song on your hands! With an empowering message, Louise Cappi calls us all to action on the dancefloor: don't give up on those dreams...

Louise and her band pack the house on Friday and Saturday nights at her weekly residency at Mahogany Jazz Hall, in New Orleans.

Make sure to listen to the new single right here:


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