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Love Lights Driving reveal ambitious offering 'Bandana'

Los Angeles based outfit LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING return with the radio edit for legendary single ‘Bandana’. Composed of Nathan Reyes (vocals, guitar), Josh Kindla (guitar), Ernie Montaño (bass) and Diego Briones (drums), the quartet met at high school and at a musicians conference in LA,, and the rest is simply history. Back with the exceptional indie-pop offering, ‘Bandana’ was self produced, and made with computer samples, as well as live instrument studio recordings.

Armed with a nostalgic sound of yesteryear, LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING’s songwriting consistently sticks with the times. Refreshingly original and vivid from the get go, ‘Bandana’ is bathed with a chilled soundscape suited to flat you into the clouds. Making music for their own sake and certainly finding their niche along the way, this band stands out from other LA acts simply because they don’t follow your typical rulebook. Built upon friendships, you can certainly hear the chemistry within the group.


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