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MarMar & Ben Becker Unveil Mesmerizing Collaboration: 'Veins'

MarMar, the American producer who found inspiration in the quaint French town of Hem, is back with an enthralling musical journey. Teaming up with Nashville artist Ben Becker, MarMar's latest single, 'Veins', is a testament to their collaborative prowess.

Living in the North of France, MarMar has been sculpting a distinctive blend of lo-fi house music. Drawing parallels to the likes of Duskus, Odesza, and Tourist, MarMar's sound captures the essence of both his American roots and European influence. 'Veins' stands as the latest addition to his growing repertoire of exceptional singles.

Since settling into his French abode, MarMar has diligently worked on a collection of songs that mirror the evolution of his artistic direction. This journey has culminated in a quartet of outstanding singles – "Phoenix", "Told You", "At The End", and "You" – each exceeding expectations and solidifying MarMar's trajectory in the music scene.

Now, MarMar introduces 'Veins', a track co-written and co-produced with Nashville artist Ben Becker. The collaboration between these two talents resulted in a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly merges their individual sounds. MarMar shares, "It turned into something unique for us both, like a combination of both of our sounds."

The genesis of 'Veins' dates back a year when MarMar, amidst the challenges of visa processes and a busy life, conceived the original idea. Sending it to Ben Becker this year, the track transformed into something extraordinary. Becker's poignant lyrics about faith resonated deeply with MarMar, turning 'Veins' into a profound reflection of their current lives.


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