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noelle Releases New Single 'Hope You're Happy'

In light of her debut album, expected for release in early 2022, Hope Your Happy is the latest sad bop from singer-songwriter, noelle. Released on the 29th of October 2021, the single is a perfect blend of drama and vengeance, bringing an unseen side to the Canadian-based singer, from what we know of her already.

Joining in on noelle’s song writing sessions for this track were Joel Stouffer, Geof Warburton and Nathan Ferraro, who were able to help expresses this relatable storyline of a soul-destroying breakup, where having the courage to be able to navigate yourself through it must be found, despite the pain.

Being co-signed to Wax Records and Universal Music Canada, noelle has no doubt been knuckling down in order to fully define and establish this instantly recognisable sound- a hybrid of contemporary R&B and jazz-infused pop, reminiscent very much so of artists such as Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Madison Beer. All of whom are hugely credible women in the world of pop, right now.

Having built a YouTube channel, which has amassed over ninety-four thousand subscribers over nearly ten years, that strongly showcases her variety in repertoire, noelle has built up a reputation of hard-work and dedication, in which success is deemed to prevail with her upcoming music.

Watch the official music video here as well as stream the new single, Hope You’re Happy on Spotify.


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