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Nostalgic Dance-pop from Musical Wonder The Fur - New Single 'Night Eyes Paradise'

Coming to life over a decade ago back in 2011, the lyrics and inspiration for ‘Night Eyes Paradise’ was born out of the first ever trip THE FUR took to The Big Apple that year, their experience while there, and their feelings of instantly falling in love with New York City.

The Fur is a prolific and exceptional artist and songwriter exploring a very broad range of creative influences. What makes his music so powerful and unique is probably the fact that he doesn’t really stop at the surface, but dives a lot deeper, working with snippets of real-life inspiration and feelings from the heart. The Fur's music communicates something very real with the listener. His most recent single, 'Night Eyes Paradise', is a perfect example of this.

The song showcases the artist’s remarkable ability to consistently push himself and his boundaries in music further. The new song actually has many ties with New York City. This town feels like a living thing with its unique colour and attitude, and this song feels like a very good representation of it. Stylistically, The Fur aimed to create a signature style that could be described as a perfect combination of pop and dance vibes. That said, the nostalgic feeling of the melodies in this track is extremely memorable, to give the audience are very personable listening experience. His excitement is still palpable!

Vocalist for the track - vocals were recorded in New York!

Find out more about The Fur on INSTAGRAM, and listen to 'Night Eyes Paradise' HERE


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