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On the edge of our seats with Laura Greaves ‘Psychopath’ music video

The track pulls focus into Greaves’ interest with all things on the darker side of live. She mentions in the track ‘I’ve met the devil, he’s handsome’. The use of the fun bop sounding beat yet dark synths definitely commands the listeners’ attention. The instrumental on the track has a very heavy bass which definitely captivates the listener.

Greaves has the listener on the edge of their seat listening to every word she is singing. The whole track in its entirety is a very clever juxtaposition to the fact she is discussing areas which are dark and twisted and her vocals sound very angelic. Greaves’ artistry is very unique and she very much sounds as though she draws inspiration from many genres of music and infuses it into her own music, she is very talented.

Overall, this track showcases Greaves’ musical talents very well. Her ability to command the track over a heavier sounding instrumental whilst still sounding angelic and soft is impressive. The vocals are very strong on this track and definitely present her vocal ability well. Watch the music video right here:

Watch the music video for 'Psychopath' below:



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