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Ready, Steady, Die! share stunning video for their take on 'Come Dancing'

Ready, Steady, Die! are comprised of Morgan Visconti and Sam K, a British-American duo that have been making real waves with their genre re-defining music that has seen them release an impressive two albums in the space of two years. They have now started delving more into the visual world, and with their simply brilliant take on Kinks' classic 'Come Dancing' they showcase another string to their ever flowing bow.

“We wanted to channel the eighties which is the era we grew up in, doing a cover of a cheerful eighties pop song but taking it to the darker side of that decade. Early Human League, Soft Cell and even TV show themes from the eighties were a big inspiration. The sound of concrete tower blocks and parking lots.”

They take the song and strip it down to it's bare bones, and add their hauntingly synonymous sound and build around it carefully and eloquently. Sam's vocals are captivating once again, and the video is an AI exploration that sees one of the first of it's kind around. We expect many more to follow suit, as Ready, Steady, Die! continue showcase why they are a band who should be much bigger than they are, making it all the more fun uncovering a hidden gem.

“We didn’t try to attach the images to the lyrics so much this time. We just wanted to make it as colourful and kinetic as possible, giving another narrative to the lyrics and creating some tension and humour.

The video is bold and also quite comedic, and the AI brings a whole new dimension to it altogether. Check this brilliant band and their new video now.


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