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The Fur Talks About The Influences Behind 'Forbidden Fruit'

As his sun-soaked single 'Forbidden Fruit' becomes a staple in our daily soundtracks, The Fur is becoming one of the hottest producers bursting onto the scene this year. We chat to the Swedish artist, producer and songwriter about the influences behind his EDM infused sound.

What three artists have influenced your sound the most?

Giacomo Puccini, Benny Andersson and Max Martin.

Who in your personal life has influenced your music/career the most?

My kids.

Are there any moments in your life that have heavily influenced your music?

Yes, of course. All of them. My music is about my life, so all those moments are expressed through my music.

What influenced you to get into playing your specific instrument/vocals/genre of music?

So many things that I don't even know where to start. But most recently, the driving forces are love and joy. I am doing music that makes me a happier and more loving person. I don't really have another goal right now than to allow the music to bless every day of my life. Which also means that I do whatever comes to mind.

Any films, TV or books that have influenced your music?

Not in a concrete way, but absolutely in a deeper emotional sense. I always try to channel my eternal longing through my songs, and the books and movies I tend to enjoy the most also center around longing.

Who would you like your music to influence or inspire?

Most of all the people who are closest to me, simply because I care about them the most.


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