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Valdman releases beautiful electronic single 'Death to a Tyrant'

Looking for a new experimental electronic artist? Then we have have just found one for you. I discovered Valdman on an algorithmic Spotify playlist, and I'm so glad I did. Seeming to possess all my favourite things about my most listened to EDM artist; Bonobo, Four Set and Caribou, I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I first sunk my teeth into 'Death to a Tyrant'.

"This is a story about how to be a human in this strange and unpredictable world” - Valdman

The range of synths, electronics and all round instrumentation is simply outstanding, and what's more, he also possesses a really powerfully understated vocal too. It's chilled and rhythmic, yet builds anticipation throughout at the same time, further showcasing why Valdman seems to be standing in his own lane. You simply have to check this guy out and see and hear for yourself. Do it now!

Stream 'Death to a Tyrant' here:


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